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The Future of Thought is a podcast designed to challenge your deepest presuppositions about the world we all share. By catalyzing an environment of constructive yet comfortable discourse, we work towards resolving issues rather than perpetuating them.

TFOT serves to dismantle stigma one thought at a time.



All Voices Matter

All people have the ability to cooperate. Regardless of credentials, all people can, and should, participate in discussion. Sure, expertise is required when delving deep into many topics, but in the day-to-day we strive to invite the voices of even those we disagree with in hopes of discovering truth.

Ignorance is Anything but Bliss

It is often said that ignorance is bliss. This couldn't be further from the truth. Although the lapse in responsibility one attains by embracing ignorance is enticing, it is at best illusory, and at worst malevolent. Feigned attentiveness is not the solution, however, as this invokes cognitive dissonance. Only by promoting the value of education can ignorance by combatted. 

Truth is Important

Truth is of utmost importance. No pursuit can be endeavored without a basis of what is correct. Nothing can be discovered without falsifiability. A world devoid of truth is a world denuded of meaning.



Dismantle Stigma

As stated in our mission statement, we strive to dismantle stigmas around important topics. There is a sad irony that the most important topics of discourse can rarely be discussed in a meaningful way due to our of fear of contention. Only through destigmatizing important topics do we then have the ability to hold fruitful conversation.

Promote Critical Thought

We must draw conclusions rationally. Critical thinking allows us to evaluate and analyze arguments soundly. Only through critical thought can we understand the reasoning, logic, and intention behind any claim. All claims purport to be reasonable, yet few present valid evidence. We must invoke critical thought to traverse this field of possibility.

Remain Open-Minded

With incredulity comes a failure to learn. Without the ability to not merely take information in, but also to process it and form our own conclusions, we hinder our ability to advance as a species.  Every idea we believe is presumed to be correct; that's why we believe it. If geocentrism was never challenged, exploration of the cosmos would be a figment of our imagination.

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